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 Duration 17 minutes

Green & Away  is an educational charity which has run Europe’s only conference centre under canvas since 1990. Such outdoor conferences create an atmosphere which encourages out-of-the-box thinking - literally. The unique qualities of the dedicated people 
that run the facility help to explain why organisations and businesses have returned year after year as Green & Away is both professional
and affordable.

Making a Difference is about the development of a facility for meeting the educational needs of people with Autism in the Wirral area of Cheshire. The development takes place over thirty years from the late sixties to the present day including interviews, archive footage as well as following a group of clients in their day to day activities it explores the amazing development brought about initially by parents but which is now one of the most advanced centers for Autism in Britain today. 
Material shot and Edited by Kevin Jones (45Mins)
Cows in Cubicles provides the viewer with an overview of advanced current technology and farm management used in the care of livestock to maximise their comfort and well being whilst providing cost effective methods for the farmer. 
Material shot and Edited by Kevin Jones  (20 Mins)

Ness Gardens, based on the Wirral, is one of the premier botanical gardens of its kind in the country. The material for this program took 2 years to shoot and includes a seasonal look at the specimens, the origins of this unique site, together with some of the outstanding research carried out
Material Shot by Kevin Jones  (1hr)

Via the Wire describes the computing facilities at a leading university in the north west from its Marine research Labs on the Isle of man to the networked library facilities throughout the breadth of the university campus. Computers are such a vital resource in education and this program sets out to explain the facilities to staff and students alike.
Material Shot by Kevin Jones  (30mins)

This Video Course was designed to accompany a computer based research tool used in the logging  and analysis of behavioural traits. In this case video footage focuses on the primate section at Chester Zoo and students viewing this are provided with the means to analyse material and in addition are given a clear explanations to develop their skills in this field
Material Shot and edited by Kevin Jones   (1hr)
Masonry Parapets are used throughout the UK alongside road networks and their construction is of vital significance in road safety and consequential damage limitation at scenes of accidents. Produced for a local authority in the north west this program contains impact research footage as well as a discussion of construction methods and benefits.
Material Shot and Edited by Kevin Jones  (30mins)

The Time Pilgrims is about the historical significance of a site at Prescott, near Liverpool and takes the viewer back in time to explore the fascinating past of the Vicarage and its environs, with comments from local historians and academia  and illustrated with many examples of techniques used to reveal its ancient history.
Material Shot by Kevin Jones  (30mins)

Hot Air Ballooning still captures peoples imagination and this material, shot over several years was developed as learning material for people studying Esperanto. It takes highly entertaining  ground based and in flight images  and features some unique locations around the country including Leeds Castle in Kent and the National Balloon festival in Bristol.
Material Shot and Edited by Kevin Jones  (20mins)





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